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dffclarissa1.jpgFiscal Responsibility While Maintaining Core Services

For two decades in public life, Deb Feinen has established herself as a fiscal conservative.  As a member of the Champaign City Council, Deb has supported balanced budgets while holding the line on taxes.  At its core, City Government is about public safety (fire and police services) and infrastructure (public works).  Deb has supported those services while working to keep the burden on taxpayers as low as possible.

In 2013, Deb was the only Council Member to vote against the sales tax increase and in 2012 Deb voted against the local gas tax. 

Economic Development

UC2B.jpgDeb has been an early and strong advocate of building out the City of Champaign's broad band infrastructure seeing it as a way, not only to bridge the digital divide, but also as an important and game-changing tool for economic development.

Deb has supported changes to City of Champaign hiring practices - including those that encourage the use of minority and women-owned businesses and businesses with a diverse workforce.  This has included "unbundling" large projects so that small, and hopefully locally-owned, businesses have a better opportunity to participate in City projects.

Environmental Responsibility

Deb supports infill growth, the City sustainability plan, sole source designation for the Mahomet Aquifer, recycling, and complete streets (which are streets that include bike and walking paths).

Community_Contact.jpgCommunity Partnerships

Deb supports Walk as One  a community partnership to build stronger police and community relationships.  Deb is also an advocate for working in cooperation with other units of government including the University of Illinois, Parkland College, Unit 4 Schools, Champaign Park District, and the City of Urbana.  In addition, Deb spends time responding directly to constituents, meeting with them and helping provide a link between our community and City government.



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